Depth - contemporary art group show

Seclusion is a phenomenon with deep philosophical significance. This is a kind of confrontation, when you are alone with yourself, you have absolutely nowhere to go, hide, disguise yourself. Dostoevsky uses the underground metaphor to describe such a desire to free himself from the outside world and immerse himself in the space of his individual experience, which for an artist can be the solution to many difficulties. Having gone underground, a person is capable of an act of free and uncompromising creativity. Dervishes, voluntarily locked themselves in the wells of ancient buildings without food and water for 40 days, in order to remain alone with themselves, to come into contact with Reality, as the Great Outside - and, having entered into interaction with (behind) ultimate meanings, they became able to comprehend their own non-obvious and non-human-sized nature or, maybe, go to unconditioned freedom ?! Get out of this fight strong, or not. Or ... Seclusion, involuntary. Self-confusion, self-isolation. First shock, first resistance. Loneliness, touching yourself to your strengths, your desires, opportunities. 5 dervishes, 5 different parts of the world, 5 seclusion, contact. With what? With yourself, with whom? With what is so natural and sometimes so forbidden, with what causes a feeling of delight, and often fear. It's not about quarantine, it even helps concentration, since the world does not interfere, it sleeps. In this sense, we return to the command of the Delphic oracle "know thyself" and the psychotonic "practices of oneself". The radical changes in philosophy and art of the last two centuries, the internal emancipatory dynamics that we have traced above, again raise the question of the place of man in the world, vividly discuss the problem of the boundaries of the human. What is happening resembles a deepening somewhere into the abyss, into the abyss of the world or human. And some kind of enjoyment of disturbing silence (or depth).